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Q&A with Temple Bar

Q: What is Temple Bar Sports Grill?

A: Temple Bar Sports Grill is THE neighborhood sports lounge in North Scottsdale that has an upscale atmosphere with a laid-back attitude and a little Irish flair. Delicious food is served for lunch and dinner by friendly staff, our skilled bartenders pour the perfect pint at our full bar with 12 beers on tap, and our 23 plasma and LCD HDTVs broadcast all of the big games through DIRECTV's college and pro sports packages. Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays and we have other daily food and drink specials and events. There's too much going on for us to tell you everything on this website. So come on in and see for yourself.

Q: Does Temple Bar Sports Grill's name mean anything?

A: Though we'd like to take the credit for being creative, Temple Bar Sports Grill is actually named after the Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland. If you're not up on your Irish history, here's a brief lesson: In the 1980's, Dublin's transportation agency tried to replace this area on the south bank of the River Liffey with a transportation center. The artists who lived there opposed this change and fought for their homes, ultimately saving their neighborhood. A project was later launched to renovate the district and, over the past twenty years, Temple Bar has been revitalized. Now designated as Dublin's Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar buzzes with activity day and night. While walking along its cobblestone streets, you can tour a gallery, eat at an upscale restaurant, listen to live music at a rock venue, shop at boutiques, and enjoy a pint at some of the oldest pubs in the country.

Tourists and locals alike make Temple Bar one of the top spots to visit in Dublin.

Q: Why did you open Temple Bar Sports Grill?

A: We really wanted to open our own place - not necessarily an Irish pub, or a sports bar, or an upscale restaurant - but, just a place we could go to enjoy a good meal and drinks and hang out with family and friends. After we returned home from an Ireland vacation, memories of Temple Bar and its charm, rich culture, exciting nightlife, and perfect pint of Guinness gave us inspiration for Temple Bar Sports Grill. While we may not have the cobblestone streets (but check out our great patio which comes awfully close) or the "Emerald Isles" (we are in the desert, after all), we hope we can bring a bit of Irish flair to the neighborhood. Make Temple Bar your bar - no questions asked.

Q: Where is Temple Bar Sports Grill?

A: We are located in North Scottsdale in the Wingate Crossing shopping center on the NW corner of Thompson Peak and Bell Road at 17050 N. Thompson Peak Parkway.  We're just 2 miles east of the 101 freeway and Westworld, and 1 mile east of the Alltel Ice Den.  See our Contact page for more information.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

A: Go to our Contact page for names and phone numbers. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.


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